Cherry Colored Funk

Woohoo! The Cherry purse is all done! Steph painstakingly laced some luscious satin ribbon through some nice sparkly chain and created a unique strap for the previously strapless bag. I also finished a bag tonight, featuring a bubbly babe on a sweet little makeup bag. Before and after pictures follow! We kind of forget the real before pictures, but you at least get the plain(ish) bags before they got fabulous.

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The Devastator!

So I wanted to take a second to mention something else I do, which is illustration. You can probably tell from our awesome painted stuff that we’re some pretty crafty ladies, and the truth is we are actual working artists, which is pretty exciting in my books. Speaking of books, some of my work just got published! WoohooOO!

I did 2 illustrations for the latest issue of The Devastator, a quarterly humor publication, and the awesome editors just got an interview on CBR, where one of my illustrations was featured! Just look for Alien vs. Predator+Matlock, yay!

Check it out at

I also did the back cover, I am so excited to see all of it! The book is available for download on Wowio, and also in print! I will be at the signing for this issue at Meltdown Comics in LA this Thursday at 9, please come see!

You can find more awesome Devastator stuff at!

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Birds! So many birds!

My hunting sesh this weekend with my mom went really well, we found over 15 things for us to paint to makeover! So far I’ve gotten started on a pair of salt and pepper shakers, I’m so excited to post those, but they aren’t done yet. What I have finished, is a really sweet club wallet, in response to all the love on the owl purse I decided to do another owl. You may be wondering, what is a club wallet? It’s small enough to fit in those teeny pockets on cute jeans, the palm of your hand, or even your bra if you’re feeling extra scandalous, yet big enough to hold your cards, cash and ID. I also painted a fat and sassy little bird ornament this morning, it makes me laugh, so it meets my approval.

I have word from Steph that the cherry blossom purse is nearly done and on it’s way to awesomeville, I can’t wait to see! Anyway, enjoy the before and after pictures on the owl wallet, giggle at the birdy, and check out all the primered goodies waiting for us to paint them!

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Our first batch!

So to kick things off I just wanted to post what we’ve created so far, and what is on sale now at Cordially Invited!

We’re working feverishly to bring a bigger batch with us to the launch party at Cordially Invited, today I’m going item hunting with my mom in Downtown Ventura. There are so many thrift and vintage stores there, I am super excited! Steph is currently working on a really sweet bag covered in cherry blossoms, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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A (retro) Hero is Born!

Today Steph and I gave our accessory collection/hobby/addiction a name, RetroHero. We’ve been painting accessories for a while now, like purses, wallets, glasses cases etc for friends, and now my friends, we are legit. We met with the owner of Cordially Invited (, an adorable boutique in LA, and she has agreed to sell our creations! We will be having an official launch party/last minute holiday shopping extravaganza on December 18th at her store! We are both SO excited!

So now, for the purpose of this blog: We plan to feature the process of our work, before and afters, all our little vintage rehab projects from beginning to end. We may even showcase the finding aspect of the job, we’ll see! Steph and I are going to be as diligent as possible in keeping you all updated and satiated with happy art accessory time.

For now, this is Grace, signing out!

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