Birds! So many birds!

My hunting sesh this weekend with my mom went really well, we found over 15 things for us to paint to makeover! So far I’ve gotten started on a pair of salt and pepper shakers, I’m so excited to post those, but they aren’t done yet. What I have finished, is a really sweet club wallet, in response to all the love on the owl purse I decided to do another owl. You may be wondering, what is a club wallet? It’s small enough to fit in those teeny pockets on cute jeans, the palm of your hand, or even your bra if you’re feeling extra scandalous, yet big enough to hold your cards, cash and ID. I also painted a fat and sassy little bird ornament this morning, it makes me laugh, so it meets my approval.

I have word from Steph that the cherry blossom purse is nearly done and on it’s way to awesomeville, I can’t wait to see! Anyway, enjoy the before and after pictures on the owl wallet, giggle at the birdy, and check out all the primered goodies waiting for us to paint them!


About myretrohero

RetroHero was created by friends Grace Anderson and Stephanie Barinka. Together we handpaint and upcycle vintage items and give them new life! Each piece of history we save becomes a one of a kind piece of functional art. Our custom accessories are currently being sold at Cordially Invited in the Mid-Wilshire district of LA.
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One Response to Birds! So many birds!

  1. yvette McNally says:

    I soooo cant wait to see all these goodies on the shelves of Cordially Invited – they are not going to last!!!! ( i have my eye on a few things for myself)

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